Wear Reminder

We are very excited that our first product to offer is the WearReminder.  A truly great item that is simple to use. It helps you manage your dry cleaning & laundry chores, saving you money, wear & tear on your clothes and washing machine. Plus this item helps you act in a green manner saving the environment.

Simple to use:  The WearReminder simply hangs on your existing hangers and displays the number of times an item has been worn.  The number is large and bold so it is easy to see from a glance when getting ready to pick out your clothes for the day.

Saves you money:  You will stop looking at garments and doing the “smell” test or just not thinking about it and needlessly having clothes dry cleaned or laundered.  Save the money, the gas, and the time.  Know how many times you have worn that garment and the timeframe you allow an item before you clean it.  The price of the WearReminder will pay for itself the first time each of your items saves one trip to the dry cleaners.

Save wear & tear on items:  Taking your clothes to the dry cleaners or laundering them at home too often, will ruin your clothes. With time, colors fade.  Using the WearReminder will lessen your trips to the dry cleaners or the washing machine, which will prevent unnecessary abuse on your items and also limit the amount of chemicals in our environment.  

Going Green:  Using the WearReminder will help act in a green manner without doing anything special or spending a lot of money for a “green” product versus a non-green product.  Here is how:

Our item is made of a tear resistant plastic that can be used over and over again.  No tabs to pull and nothing to throw away as the WearReminder can stay in rotation as long as you want it to.

By knowing how many times a garment has been worn and when you want to clean it you will save gas and emissions. Fewer trips to the dry cleaners will decrease your carbon footprint.